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torture.jpg Torture by the jacksons , watch the video clip and complete the lyrics (3emes) (s.boulinguez)

denahy.jpg listen to the song about a teenager by  Denahy and complete the lyrics (s.boulinguez)

 bayeuxtapestry.jpg Listen to the song by DMX Krew and complete the lyrics of William the Conqueror (s.boulinguez)


  grease2.jpg GREASE: you're the one that I want, watch the extract and complete the lyrics (s.boulinguez 3èmes)


   vocabulary and phonetics enchanted1.jpg

enchanted1.jpg song to complete enchanted:watch the extract , listen to the song and do the activity( it's not difficult but very fast; 4/3èmes by s.boulinguez)


cestlavie.jpg c'est la vie by Robbie Nevil   song from the 80s listen and complete the lyrics (s.boulinguez)

blow_monkeys.jpeg It doesn't have to be this way by the Blow Monkeys  song from the 80s listen and complete the lyrics(s.boulinguez)

nushooz.jpg I can't  wait by Nu SHooz song from 1986 listen and complete the lyrics (s.boulinguez)

cloudsacrossthemoon.jpg Clouds across the moon by Rah Band song from 1985 liste and complete the lyrics(s.boulinguez)

material_girl.jpg Material Girl by Madonna complete this song from 1984 (s.boulinguez)
diamonds.jpg and here is the original song by Marylin Monroe :Diamonds are a girl's best friend 1953 (s.boulinguez)
moulinrougediamonds.jpg and a mix of both songs in Moulin Rouge  by Nicolle Kidman :Sparkling diamonds(s.boulinguez)

likeavirgin.jpg Moulin Rouge :Like  a Virgin watch and complete this hilarious version of Madonna's song (s.boulinguez)

manu_payet.jpg Cliquer sur l'icone pour apprendre les verbes irréguliers : )

pop.jpg POP ! watch the video and complete the lyrics(s.boulinguez)

i_will_survive.jpg ecards: I will survive ,this turkey won't be stuffed can't stuff this, can"t gobble me (s.boulinguez)

fashionbeats.jpg Fashion Beats by BLACK EYED PEAS listen and complete the lyrics (s.boulinguez)

we_didnt_start_the_retro.jpg We didn't start the fire by Billy Joel et la fiche de recherche avec paroles de la chanson we_didnt_start_the_retro.jpg

Maroon_5_-_Moves_Like_Jagger.jpegMoves like Jagger by Maroon Five , watch the video and complete the lyrics(s.boulinguez)


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