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index_howjsay_011113843.jpgsite de prononciation anglaise et américaine


phonetics5.jpg phonetics focus(ex d'entraînement à la phonétique)



phonchart.jpg tableau phonétique tous les signes +prononciation +ex de mots


dico.gif Merriam Webster visual dictionary (choisis parmi 15 thèmes,avec prononciation)


For fun - Compréhension orale 2




lemonade.jpg watch the video and complete the script to make a delicious old-fashioned lemonade by Page (s.boulinguez)

HomerSimpsonONTomTom.jpg Homer Simpson on GPS , listen and complete the text (s.boulinguez)


buzz.jpg Buzz lightyear opening day ceremony , watch the video and complete the script( s.boulinguez)

buzz.jpg Buzz lightyear laser blast disneyland , watch the video  and complete the script (s.boulinguez)


cluedo.jpg Cluedo ad , watch the ad and complete the script (s.boulinguez)


cluedo1_800.jpgDiscover the cluedo boardgame with this diaporama


whodunnit.jpg Whodunnit ? a video made by the Transport of London based on Cluedo , watch it and complete the script of this ad (s.boulinguez)


In July 2010 , I had the chance to go to Pennsylvania and I met some really nice people , they let me taped them to do the following exercises , so I'd like to thank them a lot for their help and patience :)

ac.jpg watch the video and complete the script (s.boulinguez) thanks AC

g1.jpg watch the video and complete the script (s.boulinguez) thanks PM.
I met her at the profitness club in Moosic Pennsylvania

g2.jpg  watch the video and complete the script (s.boulinguez) thanks RA.I met her at the profitness club in Moosic Pennsylvania too.

jk.jpg watch and complete (s.boulinguez) thanks JK

jk1.jpg watch and complete (s.boulinguez) thanks JK1

jk2.jpg watch and complete (s.boulinguez) thanks JG

lc.jpg watch and complete (s.boulinguez) thanks LC

mc.jpg watch and complete (s.boulinguez) thanks JC

school.jpg watch and complete the script  (s.boulinguez) special thanks to Sunshine and Rainbows daycare center


animal_planet.jpg A series of humorous animations, each bringing home one thing we can do to help the environment. watch the videos and complete the texts (s.boulinguez)

answeringmachine.jpg funny recorded message on an answering machine from a school , It's not for real , it's an hoax , the school  message doesn't  really exist , but it  is really hilarious (s.boulinguez)

captaineo.jpg Captain Eo ,watch the video until M J appears and complete the script of the attraction from Disneyland (s.boulinguez)


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